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Monday, September 13, 2010

body mist;perfumes

So the other day i went out and i was running low on my body mists and perfumes, so i went into bath and body because they were having a sale and i got 3 diffrent scent that im absolutley loving. The thing i love about the mist is it's not tooheavy and the bottles last me about 6 months and i give myself four quick spritz every morning before school. So i got three bottles: twilight woods, sensual amber, and the new one dark kiss(my favorite)!
Dark Kiss has a very seductive smell its a little strong. I think it smells like grapefruit, sugar, and some type of flower combined. This is my new favorie of all the scents they have there. This is deffinatley something to wear during the winter. Not very christmas-y, but it has an all around warm smell.
The next one i bought was twilight woods. This is a very light scent and actually reminds me of the ski-trip i took last year were i had the best time and. This has a very sweet, innocent, warm smell to it. Again very light and not overwhelming.
The last scent i got was sensual amber, i figured i had to scents for the winter and since the bottles last a long time i should buy a scent for next summer as well. This is very floral and sweet. It reminds me off sunflowers even though sunflowers don't have a scent and even if they did i probably wouldn't smell like this. i'm weird i know! Its just very summery, and festive, you might be able to even work it during the fall as well cause it does have some warm undertones and everthing.
Now away from bath and body works im in love with dolce and gabbanas scent ice blue. It's light and refreshing, and just reminds me of all the fun i had during summer. If you are ever feeling sentimental this perfume compliments that emotion so well!

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