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Friday, August 20, 2010

Must watch movie: Funny face

Audrey Hepburn it one of my biggest idols. She was sincere, worldly, classy, confident, and modest. She is what every women should strive to be. Her movie funny face was such a thrill to watch. Her acting was amazing as per her usual, and the funny quips will keep you laughing. Her charm and grace on screen ties together to make a wonderful romantic-comedy must see.

Bare minerals make up

I have been using bare minerals for a year now and i have limited complaints about the product. It's light weight powder that doesnt make you skin look cake-y if you apply it properly. The basic makeup kit includes, a foundation, a bronzer, a mineral veil, three brushes (one concealer brush, and two flawless face brushes), a brush shampoo, and a dvd that tells you how to apply them too look the best on your skin. The foundation doubles as a coverup for blemishs on your skin and works wonders. When applied all together the look is a flawless face that looks natural and fresh. I will never stop using this stuff its amazing. The foundation in the kit has lasted me 5 months, and the bronzer lasted me 8 months! The only complaint i do have is i wish that i would last just a bit longer on my skin it stays fresh longer than any other makeup i ever had and it lasts the whole school day with out any reapplication, but after school it dies out.

Hair care: Curly hair

If you are like me your curly hair can drive you crazy. It can get frizzy, big, unrulying, and tangled. But here comes a soulution to all your problems Tresmme moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. I used to use a variety of different products before using tresmme and let me tell you it made a big difference. My hair wasnt as frizzy anymore and it held mositure in to make it look sleek and shinny, but part of that might have also been the tresmme flawless curl extra hold mousse. It left my hair shinny and soft. The only problem i have with the mousse is it can get a little crunchy if you dont mix it in properly, so you really have to spread it through your hair evenly so it won't crunch. I would deffinately recommend this product to people with curly, hard to manage hair. Tresmme will change the life of your hair! Take it from someone who knows curly hair.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Designer of the week: Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg is a German/American designer who has taken the world by storm after her famous jersey wrap dress "Angela". After seeing her Fall 2010 collection i almost died from the absence of those clothes from my closet! The whole collection is based on her desires of living a mans life in a womens body. The collection has a mix of masculinity vs. femininity right from the first outfit to walk down the runway, a gray pant suit cut off above the ankles with a rosset bolero. The next piece had to be one of my favorites of the collection, The woolen layers over a gray brick patturned dress. Her collection was deffinately one of my favorites of the fall season ready to wear collections. The dress hit every note perfectly and stayed true to her theme. Look for yourself!

So what do you think of the designers collection? Hit or Miss? Did she open your eyes to a new look? She certainly opened mine? Her clothes can be located at your nearest nordstrom or bloomingdales! Should i do more designers of the week posts? tell me what you think!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Trend:Shoes

Hello hello! Today we are on the topic of my favorite thing to shop for SHOES! What girl doesn't love shoes? With all the back-to-school shopping i figured i should do a blog on my favorite shoe trends for this fall season.

These gorgeous shoes are from Forever 21. They are the peep toe workman booties. I love the buckle design on the front and the open heel on the back of the shoes. They are adorable for 34.99 at forever 21 right now!

Another trend that im loving is the closed toed shoes. These are from Charlotte Russe for $28.00. Im love how these shoes can be paired with anything from skinny jeans to a pensil skirt because of its sheek, sophisticated look. Not to mension the beige hue makes it perfect for fall!

This is from Aldo for $59.98. the pink/beige hue is again perfect for fall and its a soft color that can be paired with almost anything. The studs at the bottom of the shoe add a little glamour and who can say no to that! This rounded toe high heel is another must have don't you think? This is deffinatly going on my shopping cart!

What do you think of this pokadot cuties. I adore the floral design near the toe and heel, it is gorgeous. There are from nordstrom for $210. They are called bourne georgina pumps. Lovely!

Last but not least are these edgy sandal by bourne. There called bourne honor sandals. I love the studs it gives it an edgy vibe. Its so geometric! you can find these at your local Nordstorm!

So what do you think? Are you gonna got out and but any of these? Are there any shoe trends that you are loving right now? Maybe you like flats and arent really into heels? Or maybe you like boots during the fall? Comment and tell me your take on fall trends for shoes!