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Friday, August 20, 2010

Hair care: Curly hair

If you are like me your curly hair can drive you crazy. It can get frizzy, big, unrulying, and tangled. But here comes a soulution to all your problems Tresmme moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. I used to use a variety of different products before using tresmme and let me tell you it made a big difference. My hair wasnt as frizzy anymore and it held mositure in to make it look sleek and shinny, but part of that might have also been the tresmme flawless curl extra hold mousse. It left my hair shinny and soft. The only problem i have with the mousse is it can get a little crunchy if you dont mix it in properly, so you really have to spread it through your hair evenly so it won't crunch. I would deffinately recommend this product to people with curly, hard to manage hair. Tresmme will change the life of your hair! Take it from someone who knows curly hair.

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